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Jaydi-stamp by NinjaKitten22 JaydiStamp by InvaderNAV Jaydi Icon by kimifire Double J Stamp by InvaderNAV XS - Better than any wu out there by TheLokiPokey XS: Jaydi by AnodizedPink New Jaydi Stamp by InvaderNAV
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:thumb349042266: :thumb348911941: :thumb374245640: :thumb395628747: Layla by faycoon No Ordinary Shadow by lillyabbey29 :thumb348005907: Xiaolin Chronicles OC: Crystal by CrystalQueenOfIce XS Group Photo-Masha Champlinski by Mira-chii :thumb347492218: :thumb353727598: Iris Casual Outfit1 by goldenpool12 Dress Up Shawn-HIPSTER by Mira-chii



Keira Decal by InvaderNAV
Keira Decal
Okay so I was working on coloring my Keira sketch when I figured out I was coloring on the wrong layer, but I actually made a really awesome looking decal instead. So accept this happy accident while I fix things!
Daxter VS The World by InvaderNAV
Daxter VS The World
It’s finished; my Daxter concept for the Scott Pilgrim AU I’m working on. Expect more characters coming soon!

Not bad for my first try using Medibang.
ID by InvaderNAV
I kind of like this picture better, and may make it my new ID.
  • Playing: MediEvil
So for the next few days, I may be scarce on here.

For the last 9 or 10 years, I've lived in a very abusive household. My step dad verbally and emotionally abused me on a near daily basis with name calling, insults, accusations, intimidation, threatening and ignoring. Every time he'd walk by my room, he'd scowl, call me a name under his breath and shake his head. Often times I'd just be sitting there doing nothing.

Since living here, every day has been a constant battle to refrain from hurting myself. Suicidal thoughts were normal for me, and I often attempted, without anyone even knowing. I was, and still am, afraid of him. My anxiety has sky rocketed to the point I can barely perform tasks that the average person do without thinking.

I was always afraid he would hurt us, and still fear he may come after us. He has so many guns that I've lost count, and he makes a point of cleaning them in front of us.

I'm relieved to finally be moving away, but I'm also petrified. I'll be moving in, with my mom, to my brother's house. I'll be starting college in August, and looking to get a job. It's just a lot of things happening at once.

My mom says it'll be okay, and that my step dad won't come after us. She's not afraid of him, but I think there's plenty to be worried about.

So I may be very nervous and anxious lately, and may not reply much on my RP account. This is all just extremely stressful and I feel sick. Hopefully once we're gone I'll feel better.


InvaderNAV has started a donation pool!
338 / 250
I would really like to do some commissions ^^

I don't charge, I couldn't possibly charge any of you beautiful people!

What I mean is other people charge and I'd like to pay them points :)

If you could donate, that would be fantastic :) I draw requests and gifts for free, but if you'd like to give me points instead of an art trade, that would be great! ^^

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People I Will Always Love:

My Best Friend, my Sister- :iconinvadermicah: She's been my best friend for years and has helped me through some dark times in my past. Honestly, I wouldn't be here for her. I love you, Micah. You're my sister ^-^

My Loyal Companion- :iconjennythm: She and I go back before DA, and she's always been a close friend of mine. One of my first fans, she's been such a loyal friend from the start and I love her for it. You're my Loyal Companion :)

My Kohai- :iconlillyabbey29: she's so fun and spunky XD one of my best friends on here, if I'm ever in need of a pick-me-up, she's always ready with a funny comment that never fails to brighten my day. You're my Kohai ^-^

My Buddy- :icongeneral5: This guy is always up for a good chat or a funny RP. He's given my inspiration for a few of my pictures and his kind words alway warms my heart. Definately a good friend of mine on here. You're mah buddy :p

My Friend- :iconscissorluvmidnight: Since meeting her on here, we've grown a bit closer, and while we may not talk as much, when we did talk she was a joy and I loved every minute of our conversations. She never failed to make me laugh. I consider you my Friend :la:

The One Who Welcomed Me- :iconanimeniacss: When I took my first tentative steps into the Xiaolin Showdown fandom, I thought it would be just like every other fandom I'd joined, with me being left in the dark. But this girl - this wonderful and lovely girl- welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I had a home here, and I can't thank her enough for giving me a chance. You're The One That Welcomed me. :hug:

My Motivation- :iconxiaolins: I loved her art before I got to know her, and when I got to know her, I absolutely loved her ^^ Incredibly sweet and funny to talk to, she's done so much for me and whenever I need that extra push to help me finish something, she's the motivation I need. So thanks for pushing me XD You're my Motivation.

My Kind Hearted Comrade- :iconmira-chii: Not only is her art outstanding and beautiful, but she's a really wonderful person ^^ She's always so nice and has such faith in me and my pictures, and knowing someone really believing you have potential is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You're my Kind Hearted Comrade :)

My Inspiration- :iconxs-is-the-shiz: Such an upbeat person, I love reading her journals and looking through her art. While we don't talk much, from what I can tell, we have some common interests, and it's always nice to know I'm not alone. ^-^ Not only that, but she's inspired me to take on some bigger projects concerning my art, and I only wish she knew how grateful I am to her. Thank you for giving this crazy girl a chance ^^ you are my Inspiration

The One To Whom I Owe My Gratitude- :iconnikolettak: A sweet girl with marvelous talent, I wish to thank you. You've been a vital stepping stone in my recent time on here, and have lead me to really appreciate the kindness people have on here. When I was hoping for someone to come along and help me on my way, you came along, and for that, you are The One To Whom I Owe My Gratitude.

The One I Can Confide In-:iconsapphire9089: Absolutely sweet and with a heart of gold, there are few others I've met as pure as her. She can tell when something's wrong with me, noticing hints or catches my slips. She's always catching me, like a safety net, and I do need someone like that in my life. I can relate to her, and I consider her more than a friend. She's my family. You are The One I Can Confide In.

My Role Model- :iconxsreiki772: I've admired her work from the very start, and it's inspired me to put more of my own personality into my art. Not to mention, because of her, I've stopped worrying what others will think of me and what kind of art they want to see and expect me to draw, and have begun drawing what I want to see, regardless of the harsh opinions and comments of others that will surely follow. I do feel like I'm being too critical of myself around her, though, but that's only because I think so highly of her. You're My Role Model.

The One Who Opened My Eyes- :iconkimifire: When I first joined the Xiaolin Showdown fandom, she was one of the first people I became aware of. Boundlessly kind and exceptionally talented, I was hesitant to talk to her at first because I figured I had to earn the right to talk to her. But when she introduced herself to me, that apprehensiveness melted away and we became good friends. Meeting someone like this has made me realize that I do belong here, if not for my art, then for my friendship. You are The One Who Opened My Eyes.

My Freedom- :iconwikcia666: It's not often you come across a spirit as blissfully gleeful and open as her. I've appreciated her joyful attitude and playfulness, something I seriously lacked before meeting all my friends on DeviantART. Before meeting her, as surprising as it may seem, I was rather depressed; overly serous and unhappy about everything. Seeing and meeting someone like her, a carefree spirit with arms wide open ready to embrace the world, may have saved me. You are My Freedom.

My Vampire Brother- :iconvampirelordbelmont: Reminding me to have fun every once in a while, he provides a fun escape from my demanding schoolwork and overwhelming artistic deadlines. It's refreshing to have a little break from the real world, and since meeting him I've realized I'm part of a bigger family - a vampire family!

My Promise- :iconkaratecat211: I don't think there are any words to quite describe this girl, but I can try. Energetic, hyper, amusing, protective, caring, loyal and cheerful. There's never been an occasion where seeing a comment from her or a favorite from her hasn't made me smile. I want her to know how grateful to her I am for her undying loyalty and truly uncanny ability to brighten my day. Please know that no matter what your situation, I am here for you. I can relate to depression, more than most think. My loyalty to you is the least I can offer. You are My Promise.

My Unconscious Decision- :icongoldenpool12: She's been a loyal watcher of mine, always offering kind words and granting friendship to all these who she meets. But she is like air: I cannot grasp her, I cannot describe her, but she's always there, and I love her for it. Friendship isn't tangible, it isn't won or bought. I'm not sure how or when she became such a wonderful friend of mine, but maybe that's how it should be. Because friendship is an unconscious decision - there is no scientific or logical explanation for why people develop friendships. But I know that I don't need an explanation. I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything. You are My Unconscious Decision.

My Snow Angel- :iconcrystalqueenofice: An outstanding artist and a truly lovely girl, I really do wish I had found her and her art sooner. Her art style is unlike any I've ever seen- it's not the traditional style used when doing Xiaolin Showdown or Chronicles fan art. It's so unique and honestly beautiful. An incredible art style by an incredible artist, with a loving spirit and open heart that I can't wait to talk with. You are my Snow Angel.

My Balance- :iconhaddock-house: While I may be on the calmer side of the personality spectrum, she is the perfect yin to my yang. We compliment each other perfectly, and she's always willing to lend an ear to anyone and listen to their problems. She deserve everyone's absolute love and respect. One of the most giving souls I've met, her art is lovely as well. You keep me in check- you are My Balance.

My Soul- :iconanodizedpink: On the surface, she are an outstanding artist and an amazing friend. Always lending a helping hand to others, her critique and advice has helped tons of other artists, and she is to be admired for her helpful insight and cheery disposition. But look deeper and one finds an individual of true personal strength, perseverance and unparalleled determination. She never gives up, no matter what. I've never met someone who's gone through so much and is so willing to help others. Though I know you've had horrible pain, it has made you much more beautiful and unbelievably stronger. You are My Soul.

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Evony's Boutique


Welcome To Evony's Boutique!

Flashing Bullet by Gasara This purpose of this boutique is so that I may design and sell traditional, old fashioned looking clothing for owners to buy for their OCs and wear.
   Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre After purchasing an outfit, you may do whatever you want with it, all I ask is that you don't resell it.

   Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction Here you may purchase dresses and accessories using points!

   Light pink bullet by catluvr2 Some dresses and outfits already include accessories, but certain accessories may be sold separately.

   Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction Note: If for some reason you are unable to pay with points, a request will be asked for instead. :heart:

        Light pink bullet by catluvr2 If you are unable to complete the request, talk to me personally and we will figure something out to accommodate you. :heart:



:points: Dresses Cost 10 :points:
:points: Extra Accessories Cost 4 :points:
    Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre I may occasionally do a themed outfit or hold a Feature for someone else's design.



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It's really good to have you back! *hugs*
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How are you now you've moved? Are you okay? <3 
InvaderNAV Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm okay, there's still stress but in different forms. Just school, but things are much better. I feel like I can finally breathe. ^^ I've just been so preoccupied with school that I've barely been on here besides quick checks
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How was your summer?
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